About MALA

What is the Maryland Alcohol Licensing Association?


Kathie Durbin – President

Mike Mohler – Vice President

Dale Maginnis – Treasurer

Penny Bussard – Recording Secretary


MALA History

On March 1, 1961, representatives from 26 jurisdictions in Maryland met in Annapolis to officially form MSAABLA (Maryland State Association of Alcoholic Beverages License Administrators). The representatives included Commissioners, Inspectors and Attorneys from all over the State. The first Annual Meeting of MSAABLA was held on May 20, 1961 in Baltimore Maryland. The purpose of the newly formed Association was “to promote and improve the service in the offices of the Alcoholic Beverage License Administrators throughout the State of Maryland; to aid each other and develop closer relationships throughout the organization; suggest legislation which will affect these Administrators; and other objectives of mutual interest to the organization.” The name of the Association was shortened some years later to MALA (Maryland Alcohol Licensing Association). MALA has grown over the years by including Associate Members and Industry/Professional Members so that all aspects of the industry can continue to develop those relationships and to establish communication and cooperation between Board Members, Inspectors, and other State and local agencies in the administration, enforcement and education of alcoholic beverage laws.

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