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MALA Mission Statement

The Maryland Alcohol Licensing Association is an organization comprised of Liquor Board members, Administrators, Alcohol Inspectors, Alcohol Enforcement Officers, Officials from the Office of the State Comptroller, and Attorneys for Licensing Boards. We are dedicated to training and educating members in the various statewide and county laws or other related matters, as it relates to alcoholic beverages. We are also dedicated to educating interested parties in the various alcohol laws affecting the State of Maryland. We recognize the evolution of alcohol in the United States and Maryland. We recognize that there are entities that exist today that weren’t even considered in 1934. We recognize that we have a wide range of manufacturers and retailers in the State of Maryland and want to see growth. All the while, it needs to be done in a controlled fashion to protect the public. We will strive to educate those interested parties in the alcohol industry both commercial and/or government officials and interested members of the general public so that they may have a better understanding of Alcoholic Beverage Law in the State of Maryland.

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